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The story began in 2010 when our owner (Ms. W) created a lot of cute little things. She shared them with her friends, and they appreciated her skills. She had an idea to open her own creative shops. From then, Wendart House is formed.

Wendart House (read: We N D Art House / We and the art House) is a Jakarta – Indonesia based online shop established in 2014. We offer high quality accessories with the best prices and accept request for your favorite custom hair accessories.

We also have 24k edible gold & genuine silver leaf, it can be used for your facial treatment or as a garnish for desserts and etc. We do made natural handmade soap and some pre-order homemade healthy snacks for your daily clean eating and a lot of special gift. We are trying to made a simple minimalist elegant design for woman clothes & dresses.

We are pleased to serve the best for our dear customers.



A natural handmade soap by Wendart House. We mixed the soap with some organic oils, natural honey and 24k pure gold. You can use the soap for a bath soap, facial soap or hand soap depends on yourself.



Our edible genuine silver leaf, dust, pearls are available. They are ready for decorating your cookies or cakes to be more pretty and looks shiny.



This is a homemade healthy cookies for your daily activity. Our snacks are fresh made from the oven, only made from natural ingredients and it’s very healthy. We accept any flavor request from every customer.



Wendart House’s main products, with cute & sweet theme, the most unique and limited edition designs. We’ve put together a chic hair accessories for your hair styling.


We provide 24k edible gold leaf, gold dust & gold pearls for your facial treatment or as a garnish for your desserts. It’s just a super expensive way to show your desserts looks elegant. It’s also help your face from wrinkle and aging.



We also provide some seasonal goodie bags. They are unique and good for a gift or a souvenir for your friends, family or your special one.



Wendart House’s handmade clothes and dresses. A simple elegant unique dresses for daily and party time. We produce maximum 5 pieces each design. So don’t be afraid! No one can wear the same dress with you in a party.



Wendart House’s super gorgeous & fashionable accessories. There are headbands, earcuffs, ribbons and others daily or party outfit. Vamp up your look with the hottest accessories depending on your preferences. 

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  1. Ramah sekali, selalu membantu pembeli walau awal saya ga niat beli hanya tanya” banyak tapi dilayani dengan tulus. Sempat saya ingin beli di toko lain tapi pelayanan mereka tidak baik. Kalau disini walaupun harga lebih mahal tapi pelayanan, kualitas barang, pengemasan, pengiriman sangat baik. Bakal repeat order saya. Mantap!!!

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